Reclaim Your Power

6 weeks of game-changing insights to uncover the true YOU and re-emerge to fearlessly live your life for as you were always meant to.

Are tired of always being the last on your "to do" list?

Do you give everything to everybody but receive precious little in return?

Do you feel unheard, undervalued and under-appreciated everywhere you turn?

Is your passion for life buried so deep you aren't even sure what it is you want anymore?

Do you want the world to stop so you can get off and begin to breathe again but don't know how?

If so, you have come to exactly the right place.

I know how you feel!

You give, give, give until you can give no more but somehow that just isn't enough to keep up with all the balls you have in the air.

Everyone seems to want more and more from you but you are getting close to the end of your giving capacity. 

Well let me tell you a very well kept secret!


It's ok to  want more from your life than endlessly giving and doing for everyone else.

It's ok to want time for yourself to collect your thoughts or just BE for the sake of Being.

It's ok to no longer feel fulfilled by the roles society and responsibility has given you.

It's ok to want to express to the world who you truly are aside from your relationships with others.

It's ok to want to reconnect with your true self and rediscover what really lights you up.


Constantly giving away your power to everyone and everything has a serious detrimental effect on your health and well-being.

The cumulative effect of leaking power without re-fueling regularly (if at all) leaves you feeling depleted, resentful and jaded with life.


"Why do I even bother?" may be a common thought swirling around in your frazzled mind.


But what if it didn't have to be this way?


What if, together, we could strip away all the limiting beliefs, unfair and (often) unconscious conditioning that have been heaped on you since you were born?

Are you weighed down by the roles, burdens and responsibilities that somehow came to be all yours - without you even realising?

How would that feel to be free of all the stuff you are carrying around that isn't even yours to carry?

"So how do I get my power back and how long does it take?" I hear you ask

Well my love this game-changing program is 6 weeks of 90 minute zoom sessions - either weekly or fortnightly by arrangement.

Each week consists of a different aspect of YOU to uncover.

Week 1 - Awaken

Take a step back to reflect on the beliefs, roles and conditioning you have unwittingly signed up for. Identify how, when and where they are depleting your power. Release them and make room for your own, more empowering beliefs.

Week 2 - Possibilities

the power to change your life comes from identifying the choices (possibilities) that are open to you. What is it you truly want for you and how can you get it? Realise the energetic consequences of NOT prioritising yourself and  crack open to the magic of your true essence.

Week 3 - Passion

Now you've realised that you CAN change your life and you have the power to do it, what changes will you implement to make time for all that you want to do and achieve? What is it that really lights you up and you want to share with the wider world?

Week 4 - Self Belief

Where does your self-belief come from? Do you feel worthy of being your first priority?

Who told you what and do you believe it to be true about you? Change your mindset to work for you instead of against. Become aware that there may be possible unpleasant fall out or reactions from those who want you to stay the same?

Week 5 -  Boundaries

Setting the new parameters for your new life. Create some smaller initial boundaries to generate the courage to make bigger ones. Do you feel empowered enough to make changes? Create a firm base to create changes from.

Create 3 daily actions to keep up the new vibration.

Week 6 - Embody

Stand in your new power without comprimise. Continue to make good choices from a worthy and empowered mindset. Readily tune into your intuition and signals from your body. Awareness of the 2 choices to either add to the world or detract from it and how this ties in with self worth.