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Women in Communion - The Power of the Collective

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Earlier this year I attended a festival in Melbourne called "Seven Sisters". I had never been to anything like it before so had no expectations of what it would be like. I can only tell you that I was blown away. It is something I will never forget.

There were roughly 2000 women at a scout park in Mt Martha, near Melbourne, Victoria in March 2018. From the moment we drove in, it was like we were all meeting 2000 sisters we didn't know we had. The friendliness was overwhelming and contagious. Not once did I feel judged, threatened or in competition with these other women. There was a real sense of greater community; that this was something much bigger than all of us. It was so welcoming and felt like coming home.

My daughter, her friend and I were offered help by a random woman to pitch our tent and offered the various implements to achieve this (that we had unfortunately left at home). Instead of wanting these items back, she said to pay it forward and give them to someone else who may need them. So we did. How refreshing.

Our various electronic devices were left charging in the sun on our solar charger and guess what? - they were STILL THERE when we came back. We were safe to walk around alone late at night after attending a workshop or even to sprint to the loo during the night. Absolutely nothing was threatening. We were free to be our true selves.

Initially I thought I would attend as many workshop as I could that interested me but what I found, once I was there, was that I just felt the need to be by myself and drink in the essence of the occasion. I usually don't like doing things by myself but this is what I was called to do. The atmosphere was so uplifting.

The range of workshops was phenomenal. I attended one where we literally had to beat up our inner critic. We had to give it a face and a name and beat it to a pulp. It was so emotionally confronting. There were women all around me sobbing into the earth or into their hands but the real beauty of this was that every single woman in the vicinity just left them to sob. It was not out of lack of care or empathy; it was from a profound awareness that we all knew that was exactly what they needed to do in that moment. They didn't need fixing or placating. They needed to sob. That is why women are so amazing. We get each other at a fundamental level.

I eventually hugged the woman closest to me and she clung to me and cried for what seemed like hours. I had no idea who she was. She didn't know me either, but that didn't matter. We hugged deeply then moved onto the next emotionally challenging activity to confront our demons and sob some more.

As a group of 2000 like-minded souls, we chanted a hymn to mother earth and all humanity to raise the vibration. We celebrated with and for each other and cheered the performers on the stage. We supported other women's businesses and had very real conversations at the various communal areas. Some went bare breasted covered in sequins and there was no sign of sexual harassment. It was the way the world should be; not just for women, but for everyone, to be themselves free of judgement.

Before I went to Seven Sisters Festival I had been dabbling in my business of Women's Empowerment. After having been there I was so inspired to try to convey the essence of the festival to the larger community through workshops, blogs and inspirational messages. It gave me a fire in my belly to facilitate women coming together to bring about the change and balance the world needs so badly now.

We really can do it if we learn to accept ourselves as we are and to embrace the vast and deep SisterHood that we are all an important part of.

Please, if you get a chance, go to this magical event and immerse yourself in the power of SisterHood.



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