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Want to change the world? It's as easy as being you

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

You can have a massive, positive affect on our world just by being who you really are. You don't have to change your inner most self; be someone you're not or be small to fit in. Don't look to the external world to validate who you are. Everyone out there has their own stuff going on and many will try to bring you down to build themselves up. Fill your own cup with positive self talk, shine your light as bright as possible, follow your bliss and let everyone else BE to live their life their way. Your positive vibrations will spill out into the world for all to tap into.

Here are some positive ways you can have a powerful impact on the world.

Strive to Be An Empowered Woman.

An Empowered Woman has a balance of feminine and masculine energy and is confident and comfortable in her own skin. She shares her essence freely with all those who she comes in contact and doesn't feel threatened by other women. She is the embodiment of the Goddess and draws her power from within. She does not seek to have power or dominion over others.

She knows that each woman has her own inner power and she will honour their journey to find it, with love and support.

Raise the Vibration Simply By Being You.

The ripple effect of empowerment flows around the globe with the simple act of you honouring and respecting yourself. You don't have to be, do or strive to be anything else other than who you truly are. It really is that simple. By raising your vibration with self acceptance, honouring yourself and being your authentic self, you add to the collective energy into which we are all connected and gain sustenance from.

Speak Your Truth for All to Hear

Don't dim your light to fit in. Don't deny your voice for fear of upsetting others. What they do with what you have to say is entirely up to them. Your opinions matter. Your voice matters. Speak up for yourself when you feel you are being disrespected and speak up for others who may not have the strength.

Your Experience and Knowledge are worthy

You are totally unique. The life experience and knowledge you have gained along the way are totally unique. No one else knows what you know about your life and experiences. Don't be afraid to share these with others who could benefit enormously from your guidance and expertise. It doesn't have to be earth shattering. It can be everyday guidance but could be vitally  important to someone who needs to hear it.

Accept yourself as a Perfect Human Being

Accept yourself, warts and all. Don't buy into the self loathing and constant criticising that is common for women in today's world.

You are perfect just as you are. You do not need changing. You are not broken. It is society's expectation of female beauty that is broken. The standards women are held to are a creation of the media designed to make you always feel "not quite good enough" and to feed the coffers of multi-national cosmetic companies. Fabulous women come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever shape and size you are is exactly how you are meant to be. Give up the striving. Enjoy the life and body you've been given.

Support all Sisters Without Judgement

Just as you need to accept yourself and let yourself BE, you also need to let your sisters BE without your judgment. Give them silent permission to Be and Do all they feel they must to be their authentic self. Embrace her and accept her in all her glory, weirdness and beauty. Let her be a mirror back to you of your own divine essence. You do not know what it is she is here to learn or experience.

Bless her and wish her well on her journey.

Gather the Women

Other Women are not in competition with you. Other women are you best allies. The long held patriarchal tradition of causing suspicion and jealousy amongst women and competition for the male gaze has had women pitted against each other for centuries. When women gather in allegiance mountains can be moved. Find your tribe.

Gather with them as much as you can and fill yourself up with the sisterhood energy.

Listen to your Intuition

You have a connection to all that is. It may be buried deep within but it is most definitely in there. Women know deeply the inner workings of the world; the cycles, the seasons and how to nurture. They know what is really important to sustain humanity and it is NOT sport, war, greed or competition. Listen to and act upon your intuition.

It is your internal guidance system with your best interests at heart. Trust it with all you have.

Fill your Cup up First

As much as you might like to, you cannot give authentically to others if you are pouring from an empty cup. You don't have to be everything to everybody. It is essential to fill yourself up with your source of life giving fuel before you can give anything to anybody. When your tank is full of your vibration enhancing fuel, you have so much more to give and it spills over into the collective.

Put your symbolic oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs.


These simple yet challenging actions can, and will, have a massive, unseen but energetically felt, impact at a global level for all of humanity.

Go forth and shine brightly Sister.

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