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The Gift of Non-Judgement

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I have been a member of many Women's Facebook groups for quite some time now. Sometimes I post, sometimes, I comment and a lot of the time I just read the posts of my global Sisters.

One of the things that is glaringly obvious to me is how we all have the very same ingrown fear of judgement - by the world, by our peers, by our families and significant others but worst of all, by ourselves.

I know we women have been conditioned for eons to believe wholeheartedly that we are somehow "less than" the males of the species but is it really true? Are we are really "less than"?


So isn't it time that we all looked heartily at this belief we carry, stare it in the face, thank it for all that it has taught us, put it in a collective bubble and blow it out of our collective arses?

Why do we care so much about the intangible opinions of others?

Why do we give these opinions such power over us?

They are literally JUST thought forms.

They are NOT real.

We all know the saying - Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has them; so why do we give so much weight o ANOTHER PERSONS mere thought forms.

Mostly their thought forms are projections of what they actually think of themselves. They are truly nothing to do with you.

Why take them on as gospel?

We all have an energy field around us. Arm it with protective energy every day to only let in love, light and positivity. I know it sounds airy fairy but give it a try and most importantly of all - LET GO OF SELF JUDGEMENT.

What would your life look like if you knew in your heart that you would not be judged by anyone ever again?

What if you could leave your house every day any which way you liked knowing that you would not be judged by the SisterHood?

How freeing would that be for you and all of the SisterHood?

How about, starting today, every single one of us in this group pledged to each other that we would all lose the concept of judgement?

How about, every time you went to judge you turned it into praise or positivity - of ourselves and each other.

How about we all pledged to spread love and acceptance unconditionally across the globe.

It starts with ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with you just as you are right now.

What 3 things can you do/change this week to turn around the negativity of judgement?

Where or with whom can you begin to heal by sharing a raised vibration of love and acceptance?

It doesn't have to be verbal, it can be energetically sent via thoughts and blessings.

You have infinite capacity and power to love, you do not have the right to hurt another with you judgement.

I see you Sister.

I hear you Sister.

I honour you Sister.

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