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The Feminine Effect - It's All About Balance

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

When an Empowered Woman takes up her own space, stands tall, proud and confident and radiates her Goddess Light to the world everyone feels it. That my friend is the Feminine Effect.

The Feminine Effect is like the butterfly effect except its ripple radiates out into the collective and raises the vibrations of all.

An Empowered Woman has a balance of feminine and masculine energy and is confident and comfortable in her own skin. She shares her essence freely with all those who she comes in contact with and doesn't feel threatened by other women. She is the embodiment of the Goddess and draws her power from within. She does not seek to have power or dominion over others. She knows that each has their own inner power and shall guide them to connect with this should they wish to embark on their own inner journey of empowerment. All genders.

Women are the canaries in the coal mine of the world and right now the canaries are struggling. In fact all humans are struggling along with Gaia, Mother Earth.

This is because for thousands of years, collectively, we have denied the Feminine. The Feminine has been seen as weak, less than, irrational and emotional, dirty and untrustworthy and not as intelligent as the Masculine.

This endemic belief has not only affected women. It has come at the expense of men too. Both genders need a balance of feminine and masculine energies to function properly. To utterly suppress, deny and attempt to eliminate one over the other has led to the world we see today.

This is not a men vs women debate as both energies are present in  all humans. It's about absolutely denying emotions, feelings, vulnerability, softness, self expression, affection and love or anything associated with the feminine ie: being weak.

This suppression and denial of all things feminine is why, globally, many people feel lost and empty because a huge aspect of their inner selves is missing or locked away tight for fear of  being expressed and exposed.

I believe that men are suffering from the patriarchy more so now than ever. They have been taught to hold in their emotions and feelings; to not show affection openly or love freely. They are told not to cry, show vulnerability or weakness and this is slowly killing them. They seem to always feel the need to prove that they are better, stronger, faster or smarter than all other men and especially women. This must be exhausting over a lifetime.

It IS ok to cry. It IS ok to love freely. It IS NOT weak to ask for help. It IS ok to show affection. It is ok to be you, exactly as you are. – males and females.

The recent rise of the Feminine is not about dominion over the masculine. It is not about gaining control and dishing out eons of pent up anger in retribution. It is about acknowledging and accepting the feminine as an energy that needs to be in balance in EVERYONE. We need to get over the deeply ingrained beliefs that everything female, feminine or womanly is inherently wrong, bad, dirty and stupid.

Creative energy is Feminine. Masculine energy enables us to act on the creative ideas and get things done. All humans begin life as females – XX – and roughly less than half drop the lower part of one of the Xs to become XY. This is basic biology therefore there is a mix of both feminine and masculine energies in EVERYONE. To deny one huge aspect of one's self is to deny personal progress and the suppression of the softer side of one's self.

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