• Vicki O'Connor


Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Doing this, gathering, being, honouring and seeing each other is our sustenance. We are each others medicine. We have common ground, common experiences and a bone deep genetic connection to our ancestors.

We know each other at a very deep, intuitive level.

If you take away all the stresses of everyday life, that we are all trying to navigate without a map written by us, you will find that we are all the same fundamentally. We all need the same things: to be seen, heard, loved and respected and acknowledged for our intuition and wisdom.

We need to give this to ourselves and each other if our wider community does not.

We need to stop criticising each other for ridiculous, superficial things and we need to stop criticising ourselves most of all.

Give yourself a break; cut yourself some slack; stop holding yourself to some outside, society imposed, standard.

Don't live your life the way you think you should or the way you think others think you should. Or by the perceived expectations from others.

Be YOU. Do you YOUR way. Do your life YOUR way.

Imagine if we all let ourselves and each other off the hook. Imagine if we just let ourselves and each other BE. There would be no internal or external judgement to live up to.

All women would feel the positive flow on effect of this at a deep level leaving room for our creativity, our bliss and our true selves to emerge and our inner light to shine.

Be kind to yourself and each other.

Love and hugs,


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