• Vicki O'Connor

My Darling Sister

Dear my Darling Sister,

For years and years I have watched you become smaller and smaller. Not in stature but in your vitality, your essence and your happiness.

You started out your life as a young girl with many hopes and dreams - some very easily attainable, some not so much (ie marrying George Clooney). You wanted to make a difference in this world; help people, break the rules, be free as a bird and be eternally happy.

As you got older you started to see the first indications how unfair life was between the boys and the girls at school. The opportunities weren't equal, the subjects were gendered and the division of labour at home was unfair. You watched as the scope of your potential got narrower and narrower.

I want you to know that how it progressed from her was not your fault.

I know you had aspirations and dreams but somehow society and it's expectations of women got a hold of you too.

I acknowledge you and love you for the dedication you showed to your new husband and subsequently your children. The way you gave is to be truly admired; and they way they all thrived in their life is a credit to you. However, there was one casualty in a lifetime of this and that my dear was YOU.

Somewhere along the line the outside pressures, expectations, un-written rules that all women slavishly follow (lest they be judged as incompetent) found you and swallowed you up.

Bit by bit the dreams and aspirations you had were put on the back burner, squashed down and eventually forgotten completely. A slight flicker of them would resurface every now and then in your quiet moments but it was quickly extinguished under the piles of washing to fold and the cooking of dinner.

I want you to know that everything you ever wanted for yourself was true and valid. They were not pie-in-the-sky ideals, they were YOUR bliss, YOUR desires and YOUR contribution to the world.

You see, when anyone "does" their bliss, achieves their desires, lives their life their way with their needs, wants and desires as their first priority their vibration rises. They feel absolute joy and happiness and this life force ripples and radiates out into the vast world that we are all a part of.

We all feel the joy and happiness ripple effect when someone is doing their bliss, honouring THEIR needs and contributing much needed positive vibration to the world.

Conversely, we all feel the ripple effect of oppression, sadness, despair and anger that builds up over a life time of negating oneself.

My darling I want you to feel self love, joy and bliss in every moment of every day. You do NOT have to be everything for everybody any more. You are the only one you have control over and only YOU have the power within to change the circumstances in your life that are weighing you down.

I'm not for a second telling you to abandon everything and everybody in your life. You can all co-exist happily but some things really need to change.

If this sound too scary and overwhelming, fear not.

I've got you my darling. Come over here and I will hold your hand as we navigate through the layers and layers of dis-empowering beliefs you have been labouring under for so long that you don't even realise that they are there.

If you are game, come with me on a journey to release, unravel and set free the person you always wanted to be and live they life you always wanted to live.

"Oh no I am not worthy of having a life of bliss!" I hear you say.

Oh my darling, quite the contrary. You are worthy of so much more than you could ever believe. Take my hand. Let's do this together.

I see you, I know you, I love you.


much love,


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