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Is This the New Way of Being?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Could humanity have turned a corner?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard about the fires in Australia and now the impact of the Corona Virus.

These haven't been any old fires; they have been colossal, destructive, life-threatening and relentless fires.

So many people have suffered, lost everything and witnessed the absolute destruction of the landscape and wildlife - watching on with disbelief.

Then this massive event was closely followed by a sudden and acute outbreak of a pneumonia causing viral pandemic that has travelled the globe in lightening fashion and is bringing the world to it's knees.

Many have felt utterly helpless watching all of this unfold and feeling unable to do anything about it - especially the loss of wildlife and landscape and witnessing the collapse of the financial system as we know it . Travel has been severely restricted and towns, cities and countries have been in lock down.

These are unprecedented actions the likes of which we have never seen before.

Even if you haven't been directly affected by the fires or the virus, you will probably have felt the stress, sadness and grief in the air from your fellow humans. We are all energetic beings and whether we realise it or not, we feel everything that is put out into the ethers by everyone else.

You can't NOT have been affected by them in some way.

Quite a few people have said to me that they were personally unaffected but were feeling a great deal of angst, stress and sadness but weren't sure why or how.

I said to them that it is because we all feel what is "out there". When everyone is feeling so much of the same thing, it becomes much more powerful and you can literally feel it in the air. This how powerful collective energy is to us humans - be it energy of a positive or negative nature.

We all feel it and absorb it into our very being; even if we aren't aware of it at the time.

Yes of course there has been a huge amount of angst, stress and sadness "out there" but the overwhelming vibe has emerged to be heart-warming, loving and positive. The outpouring of compassion, love and help form all over the world has been phenomenal. I think the magnitude of what has and is currently happened has shocked so many people into action. They feel that they must "do" something in order to help them process the situation.

So many people came to help. So many people stood up to volunteer. So many people opened their homes to complete strangers. So many affected by the impact on so many of their fellow humans.

It was and still is, lovely to see. People in Italy are singing to each other from their balconies while they are locked in their homes.

Could this be the change we so desperately need?

Do you think these catastrophic events may just be the kick up the bum we humans needed to shock us out of our insular, self-centred, separate lives?

Do you think we can maintain the love and compassion shown to one another and continue it long after the fires go out and the virus has run its course?

Do you think there may be a higher purpose to these events orchestrated by a higher being to shove us out of our complacency to make us realise, that we actually do need to care for and nurture the planet we live on - Gaia, Mother Nature and each other? Can you see that she is crying out for help through fires, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions and wild weather?

Do you think we humans are separate from all these happenings?

Do you think the higher purpose could also have been a massive wake up call to humanity (we could have come to this conclusion ourselves but didn't so had to learn the hard way) that we are actually all in this together? We are all fundamentally the same? We all need each other to survive? We can't continually take, take and take some more and to hell with everyone else?

Could these world-wide natural disasters be the catalyst for us to finally come together as one and work together for the common good and benefit of all?

If we don't do it now- what will it take for us to work this shit out and start behaving like citizens of a global home and start to share the playground with each other?

Could there be another way of doing things? Could the inclusion of the other half of the population in ALL decision making, allow for a different perspective and way of thinking and God forbid actually have some realistic, helpful and useful ideas?

Could the embracing of the feminine in EVERYONE - man, woman an child (yes, we all have X and Y chromosomes, the Y is within the X) - bring about a new earth; a new way to be; a way for us all to live in harmony with one another instead of being in competition and taking whatever we can get?

How many more natural disasters or illnesses will it take before we either get the message or totally self destruct?

What are you going to do to keep up this loving, compassionate, caring and inclusive vibe that is present now?

May we all live, love and thrive together always.

Vicki O'Connor

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