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High Priestess of the Suburban Realm

Updated: Mar 29

I sometimes have an inner struggle with what side of "me" do I present to the wider world.

I know it depends on where I am and who I am with but I feel that there are two aspects of me are both trying to claim equal space in who I am at present.

Do I show up as the serious, deep thinking, sometimes quiet person that I very much can be; or do I show up as the class clown, loves a laugh, tries to enjoy life "in the moment" and doesn't take much in life too seriously?

I started my business - SevenLadies Empowerment - because I am passionate about empowering women from the inside out to actually enjoy their lives (not just endure it), have thriving and fulfilling relationships with the people in their lives and to create the life that they very much desire and down right deserve. I come at it form a professional, serious, knowledgeable standpoint as I want my clients to have faith in me and trust that I can help them transform their lives for the better; but herein lies my dilemma.

Whilst I do know my "women's empowerment stuff" and passionately want to share it, I feel torn about which side of "me" do I present.

Truth be told I am a true suburban (almost) bogan woman. I love footy, I swear really well, my sense of humour is very low brow (to say the least) and I try to make light of everything simply so I can have a laugh as often as possible. I generally don't take life too seriously, most of the time, and I find I am "this" person more often than not, as she is really fun to be.

But on the other hand I feel like the High Priestess of my domestic domain; ruling with a kind hand to create a better, more balanced world for everyone, spreading love and light as I go. I think deeply about the way of the world right now and I am a fierce fighter for women's rights and equality. I can be very serious and I think (at times) super boring because I take it all too seriously.

In this mode, when I am by myself, I don't laugh and joke around. I am quite reserved and insular and it is this facet that I think I should be presenting to my clients in my business (for the know, like and trust factor). However, the inner bogan is trying very hard to get out and be heard; she wants to share her two bobs worth and to be more relatable and down-to-earth and lighten the somber mood somewhat.

So which is the "real" me?

Do you know what? I don't think I am ever going to get to the bottom of this question and I don't think that it really matters whether I do or I don't.

We all have different aspects of ourselves that we either present to the world or keep just for ourselves, or pick and choose who sees what and when; and all of this is perfectly ok.

We don't have to be one or the other. Our only obligation in life is to show up as authentically as we can, with as much integrity as we can muster and enjoy the sh*t out of life. Life is too short to merely endure it. It is ours for the making and taking. How we show up and the intention we show up with creates they way our life pans out.

So if you have some or any facets of yourself, embrace them all.

Be the Goddess, High Priestess or Witch of your life and live it as you will; or be the shy, quiet, retiring type who would much rather be at home bra-less enjoying your own company.

However you choose to live your life, know deep inside that you are the creator of your domain and your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to be your OWN High Priestess and create the life you desire and deserve by sprinkling your empowerment dust everywhere to transform your life from endurance to joy


The High Priestess in me acknowledges the High Priestess in you.

much love,


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