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Dorothy's Red Shoes

Updated: May 20, 2020

Could the answers you seek already be inside you ?

There is a profound moment at the end of the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" where the Wizard tells Dorothy that she has always had the way home within her grasp - her own red shoes.

At any time, all she needed to do the whole way along her journey was to tap the heels of her red shoes together and she would be home effortlessly - if only she had known.

So simple, yet so complex, but she didn't know that the power was always there; she just had to learn how to access it.

Could this be the truth for all of us?

Could all the answers we seek really be inside of us already?

Once upon a time women were the keepers of the deeper knowledge of the ways of the world. They knew the best times to plant, to harvest and were deferred to when decisions were being made for the benefit of the village or community. No one questioned the knowledge they had to share or where that knowledge actually came from. It was just accepted that what they knew was gospel and everyone thrived when that knowledge was acted on.

The women just "knew" (intuited) stuff and it was accepted as truth. But over time and through many ages of power struggles and division between the sexes, we lost our profound connection with ourselves and our inner knowing. The knowledge of the wise-women was questioned, over-ridden and eventually dismissed as "old wive's tales" therefore not worthy of being listened to. Where once they were the oracles and leaders of their communities, they were shunned and diminished as being witches - no longer listened to and ultimately killed for their gifts by a fearful society.

Over many centuries this has only intensified; shutting women, their inner knowledge, intuition and sixth sense down and relegating them to the status of inferior humans who are to be not to be trusted or listened to.

And sadly this is here that we find ourselves to this day.

We have become so disconnected from our inner knowledge that we have even forgotten that it is there. It never actually went anywhere it just became squashed down so far that we lost the ability to connect and listen to it.

Each of us has come into this world with gifts to offer, knowledge to share and many, many things to learn but as time passes, and the speed of our lives ramps up, we get lost in the busy-ness and have lost ourselves in the process.

We have become so busy in our modern lives, with endless things to do, tasks to complete and people to care for it left us precious little time for us to truly re-connect with who we really are. The idea that we may actually have the answers to all our questions inside us it too weird a concept to even contemplate; but what if it were true?

What if you did have your own pair of red shoes waiting within your being to reconnect you with the real you and who you truly are?

What if everything you needed to know about who you are and why you are here was inside you just waiting to be asked?

Does this seem to be too far fetched to think about?

Well my lovely it is in fact absolutely true.

Despite the eons and eons of conditioning heaped upon women to disconnect them from their true essence, spirituality and innate knowledge, it is still in there. It may be buried deep under layers upon layers of patriarchal society telling you how wrong you are but it is still there inside you.

I bet there have been times in your life when you just "knew" something about a situation or person; or you had a "sense" about something and it turned out to be correct. THAT is your intuition. THAT is your innate power as a woman. THAT is your pair of Red Shoes.

As often as you can, trust these intuitive "hits" to strengthen you ability. It is like a muscle; it needs to be used to get stronger. Your inner knowledge and power is nothing to fear. It is the very essence of who you really are. If you regularly connect to it, it will never let you down. It is YOUR inner knowing and has your best interests at heart.

Put your metaphorical Red Shoes back on and listen to your inner guidance.

It is your super power.

Much love and power,


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