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Can You Love Your Body?

Last night I had an interesting and profound talk with a gorgeous girl (I feel I can call her "girl" coz I'm old enought to be her mother!) from India who has deep and intimate knowledge of the power of food to not only nourish us but to heal, renew and enhance our energetic vibration.

This lovely lady's name is Divya Garg and what she doesn't know about food isn't worth knowing.

Divya calls her philosophy "a beautiful blend of science and ancient wisdom to reboot your body from cell to soul".

Now who doesn't want a "reboot" from cell to soul?

Note: if you are interested in watching our talk you can see it here at my FB group SisterHood of the Mid-life Divas

There was so much juicy information given but the thing I was most interested in was something Divya told me a few weeks before our talk and it changed the way I look at and think about myself.

What Divya told me to do was to change the way I talk to my body. She told me to praise it, nurture it, thank it and revere it.

Easier said than done right?

Well yes, in the beginning it is quite confronting and difficult to stand naked in front of the mirror and NOT find flaws or criticise; such is the lifetime of conditioning we have had to dis-like and/or loathe our bodies.

There are so many and varied ways we find fault after fault about these miraculous vessels that carry us around every day; but can we also find the beauty and miracles within?

We aren't "allowed" to like our bodies right? Let alone love it. Our society tells us this all day, everyday, in any way it can. We simply can't have women going around loving the body they are in; no one would make any money!!!!!

And that my loves is what it really boils down to.

We have been conditioned to hate our bodies - despite the wonderful things it does for us - because people make money from our self-loathing.

What if we took our own power back and began to praise our miraculous vessel every chance we get?

Do you think you could do it?

Do you think your body deserves it?

Do you think you could eliminate your lifetime of self -loathing for good?

Well let's give it a red hot try.

This is what I do and I encourage you to give it a go. Say the ones that resonate with you.

Stand in front of the mirror naked

Try to look at your body through gentler eyes

Really notice every part of your body

Breathe deeply bringing love down through the top of your head and feel it flow throughout your body until you feel peaceful

When you are ready say out loud or in your head

Thank you body for being my home

Thank you body for staying with me despite my verbal abuse

Thank you body for fighting everyday to restore balance despite the toxins I have fed you

Thank you body for nourishing me everyday

Thank you body for protecting me

Thank you body for the ability to feel pleasure

Thank you body for the miracle of conception (or the ability to)

Thank you body for growing my babies (if you have children)

Thank you body for nourishing my babies (if you have children)

Thank you body for all the working systems and functions

Thank you body for carrying me around faithfully even though I treat you badly sometimes

Thank you body

Notice how you feel after doing this activity. Does it feel difficult or upsetting to do?

I encourage you to persevere with this and turn around the negative self-talk narrative that we have been told we must do.

Over time - if we all do this - we will be so full to overflowing with self-love and higher vibrations that the world wont know what to do with us.

much love,


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