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Being vs Doing

Updated: Mar 29

Over the last few months I have really struggled to get myself motivated to "do" all the things I think I should be doing - in my home life and my business - and it was causing me some concern.

I mean, shouldn't I be being productive, creative, organised or just plain busy-for-busy's sake, as I'm told I should?

Doesn't every woman run around like a chook with its head cut off, doing all the things and being all the things to all of the people in her life?

If you have your own business aren't you supposed to be "working" on it or in it, all the time?

The fact that I had a LOT going on over the past few months (my beloved Mum has advancing Alzheimer's being a huge one) didn't even factor into the loss-of-mojo equation. I just thought I had to keep going and "doing" because that is the way it is.

So to have pretty much lost all my mojo was causing me a great deal of angst.

I hadn't "worked" on or in my business for quite some time and I felt the pressure was building; not the least of which was that I had an up-coming appointment to catch up with my business coach/mentor and I felt that I had to have something to show for all the downtime I had taken.

To say I was nervous about our call was an understatement; but my fear was unfounded coz this was where the gold was unearthed.

As the session started I began scrambling to think of things to say to prove I had been productive or was at least "working" on my business and that I hadn't just been plain lazy; but none of this was necessary as what unfolded changed the way I think about BEING vs DOING.

As we chatted, it became very apparent that BEING and DOING are two sides of the same coin. They are essentially the same thing. It is just the w

ay we have been taught to look at them that makes them seem separate to us.

DOING, to me, is physically sitting at my desk on my computer or laptop and creating, writing, organising, posting and getting things done. All of this is productive and adds tangibly to our life/business. We can see the fruits of our labour; measure it, quantify it and "hold" it.

This is what we typically think we should be doing to justify ourselves and how we fill in our time.

ie: the masculine way - pushing, striving, always moving ahead.

This is what we have been taught is really the true and justifiable way to go through life; "just get it done", "no rest for the wicked" etc.

This way is the dominant way in our world but it somehow doesn't fit well with the feminine aspect of life.

BEING, the other side of the coin, is opening up to the flow of life; being still, receptive and listening to the nudgings and whisperings of our inner guidance. It's taking the time to let the ideas and nuggets of gold come to us rather than work hard and strive for them; hoping that the inspiration will come.

Constantly DOING inhibits our connection that comes from our higher selves, our guides or wherever we feel the flow of inspiration comes from.

ie: the feminine way - open, receptive, flowing

Being is an aspect of Doing.

At this profound realisation, I felt so much relief.

I realised that, actually, I had been very "productive" during my down time because I had allowed myself the luxury of time to become a clear channel for the information I needed, to flow. I had opened up and received so much guidance, insight a

nd ideas regarding my personal and life and exciting things to bring to my business.

I had inadvertently created space for grace to enter.

The freedom and peace this has allowed me has been profound. I now allow as much BEING time as I am guided to take and the wisdom that flows through is quite miraculous. I have learned to trust the nudgings to either BE or DO and it always works

out for the best outcome

I whole-heartedly encourage you to think differently about the times when you feel called into just BEING. It is your soul calling you to listen.

Don't let the external world and its outdated expectations influence how YOU use your time.

Your BEING time nourishes your DOING time.

much love,


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