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Be the one in 7 billion

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Let the world conform to you - not the other way around

If you are like me then you are probably in a heap of Facebook groups of all kinds.

Some serious, some just for a laugh, some for your education and others just for general interest.

They keep me super busy scrolling and scrolling when I should really be doing other things more worthy of my attention (but not always as fulfilling as mindlessly scrolling).

One such group I am in is one of the more spiritual kind. The kind of group where people ponder about the ways of the world and their role in it. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised by this. I'm all kinds of weird if I think about it.

Today's time suck was a post from a lady questioning her purpose in life.

She had had quite a profound and spontaneous intuitive "download" whilst sitting in an energetically uplifting place.

The download gave her pretty specific information about why she was living where she does, why she was "relocated" there, why the place she is in was so important to her growth and how she was to proceed living her purpose.

All very lovely and heartwarming information for her but here's the thing - as so many of us do, she questioned the validity of her intuitive hit not only personally but felt the need to put in a Facebook group for external validation.

I get it; we all just want to belong and fit in but why is it so hard for us and this lady to trust our intuitive selves? None of us want to stand out as the weirdo amongst our people or pointed at as the witch in town; that is just too confronting.

Bit what if being different, standing up for your truth and living your purpose with absolute purpose IS your purpose?

Our purpose isn't necessarily a cut and dried, obvious, practical assignment like a job or a career. It can be as simple as needing to be in a certain part of the world to offer your energy to those around you. Or it could be holding the space for the area you live in or the close people in your life. It doesn't matter what it is.

If you are given an intuitive download so real that you feel it in your bones or you have just always known what it is you are here to do or you know deep in your heart what you have to offer the world it DOESN'T MATTER what the rest of the world thinks about it. In fact the rest of the world doesn't even have to know about it let alone give an opinion or critique of your purpose back to you.

If it feels right to you then it IS right for you - end of story.

Even if it feels a little scary to you or seems a bit of a strange concept, as long as you know in yourself that this is what you are here for and born to do then it is right.

No amount of feedback from randoms on social media - positive or negative - matters.

It is your purpose and yours alone.

There are, give or take, 7 billion people on this plant. Each one has a specific role to play for the relatively short time they are here. If your role (purpose) is THE most outlandish thing you have ever heard of but it feels right for you, then the other 6.99999999999 billion people don't factor into that equation. All that matters is that if resonates with you. The rest of the world will conform to you and who you are.

Every thing you do in your life comes down to one thing.

If it feels right it is right for you.

If it doesn't feel right then it most definitely isn't right for you.

The bigger question is - do you trust yourself enough to listen to your intuition or do you need validation and acceptance from random people on Facebook to live your life the way only you know is best?

much love,


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