Are you ready to re-imagine Your Life?

Do you feel you are here for a reason greater than "doing" for everyone else?

Would you like to feel more confident and empowered to live your life your way?

Or do you play small in your life for the comfort of others?

Do you know, deep down, you are worth more than society says you are ?


Do you know it's time for women to feel seen and heard by the world? 

                  Do you feel disconnected from other women and long for re-connection?


Where shall we begin?

Together, as a United SisterHood, we CAN create enormous postive change for ourselves and the world.

and I am here to support you in your quest and longing to have a happier and more fulfilling and meaningful life, that you so deserve!

With like-minded women that have a sense and need for belonging to the sisterhood, to have each other’s back, and to be part of a groundswell, to bring about the change this world needs - one woman at a time!

My new 6 week transformational program

Reclaim Your Power  

has 6 insights Awareness, Possibilities, Passion, Self Belief, Boundaries and Embody to work through together to peel back the layers and layers of conditioning you have been living under your whole life. Transform from who you have told to be to who you truly are.


Book a free 30 min Reclaim Your Power call and begin your transformation to your true essence


Hi, I'm Vicki O'Connor,

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My Darling Alex............

Dear my Darling Alex,

For years and years I have watched you become smaller and smaller. Not in stature but in your vitality, your essence and your happiness.

You started out your life as a young girl with many hopes and dreams - some very easily attainable, some not so much (ie marrying George Clooney). You wanted to make a difference in this world; help people, break the rules, be free as a bird and be eternally happy.

When women empower themselves, magical things happen from within. When empowered women unite, powerful things happen universally. When you combine both, radical change happens for all.


The fact that you are here means that you feel the calling for women everywhere, to step up and reclaim their own feminine power. You know that somewhere within you is a very powerful, intuitive, creative and life-giving feminine woman. You instinctively know that women, now more than ever, have to create and facilitate the change so desperately needed in the world.​


You know, deep inside your core being,  just because you were born female, does not mean you are wrong. You know that you have an immense depth of wisdom and are feeling like you are ready to share, what you have to say with the world. You can see that the suppression of all things feminine for so long has done no one any good.

Which is why I feel it is my calling and life’s mission to encourage and support women to believe in themselves more, to have a life of fulfillment and meaning.


You don't have to walk the path of life feeling alone, unsupported and worthless!

Seven Ladies Empowerment provides support, understanding, and compassion, for every woman who is seeking a more empowered existence, and fulfilling life.


Not only for herself but for like-minded women, her children, her friends, her family, and work colleagues which has a profound ripple effect.


Allowing women to have a safe space to discuss their most passionate causes and to develop who they really are on a deeper level, to live more authentically.


Connect with like-minded women and have fun finding out about how much more life has in store for them, and how they too have an important voice, profound wisdom and their own truth, that is worthy of being heard and supported by like-minded empowered women whilst having fun developing new supportive friendships and learning at the same time. As a collective of women on a quest to better themselves, and being part of the Sisterhood as empowered women.


A sense of belonging, inclusion and mutual respect for all women, is what I am and working towards and feel most passionate about these days!


We as women have much to offer the world, we make up 51% of the population after all! Women should be able to participate in, and express themselves freely, in a world we play a huge role in creating.


We must own it and celebrate who we are - as Empowered Worthy Women!


I look forward to meeting you,

Vicki O’Connor

Owner - Seven Ladies Empowerment