Empowered Women creating global harmony and balance by raising their vibration through Self Care, Non Judgement and SisterHood Connection 

What if, as a global SisterHood of empowered women, we each agreed, right here and now, to stop judging ourselves? 

What if, from now on, we not only stopped judging ourselves, we passed that gift of non-judgement onto each of our Sisters around the globe?


What if each Sister pledged, right now, to only do what is right for us ALWAYS? To fill our cup first, to practice self care and raise our vibration for the benefit of the SisterHood and Humanity?

What if we each adopted this as our SisterHood Mantra?

- I see you Sister

- I acknowledge you Sister

- You do You your way

- I bless you on your journey

How freeing would that be for each of us?

What would your life be like if you were totally free of all judgement?

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You only need to be Yourself to Change the Wrold

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Somewhere inside – deep down – there is a rumbling of the Goddess energy bursting to get out. She has been silenced for too long and now cries out to be heard. She not only cries to be heard for your own sake but for the greater good of humanity. You can see the craziness going on and know you have the inner wisdom to facilitate the changes needed.

For every woman that raises her own vibration and honours her own inner power, a ripple effect will be created and felt by other women causing a groundswell of empowered, unstoppable women who deserve and demand to be heard.

Simply by honouring and valuing yourself; putting yourself first without guilt and allowing your unique light to shine, you are serving all women. By standing shoulder to shoulder in sisterhood, you are serving humanity.

I am a courageous and powerful woman. I am worthy and deserving of respect and love.

I hold within me innate knowledge and wisdom and the power to bring balance and change to the world.

I do this by honouring myself in body and soul, honouring and embracing my fellow sisers as allies and using this combined strength to be the change the world needs now.

Vicki O'Connor